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“so I’ve had a few questions sent my way about what caused me to begin writing, and how I overcame the fear of putting my writing out there, so I decided that instead of answering all the questions individually that it would just be easier to quickly sum it all up in one! I’ve been keeping journals and dabbling in different styles for a long time but kept it all tucked away in my little notebooks for my eyes only, when I was 17 I suddenly and tragically lost my best friend.. his eyes were the only ones besides my own that ever seen my words, he always encouraged me to dream bigger dreams and to explore the gift I was blessed with.. he even started me a few different accounts to put my writing on, but I always turned him down.. his loss changed my entire existence.. everything I knew was lost and it was like starting all over again.. some of you know this feeling all too well.. and for that I’m sorry, I’d never wish it upon any poor soul.. but as I stood watching my best friend be put into the ground, words began to pour out of me, and my heart was determined to fulfill the only thing he ever asked of me.. and so here I am years later, still pouring out my heart to people I don’t know, with him still in mind. So I guess I began writing because it was in me, and quite honestly maybe only other writers will understand this, but I felt as if I had no other choice but to get the words out.. it’s apart of who I’ve always been.. and as for overcoming.. I don’t think I ever have and honestly I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably never will, “fearlessness isn’t overcoming your fears, it’s chasing your dreams despite them.” I’ll be forever thankful to him for never giving up on me! I hope this answers your questions! I’d love to hear your stories as well!”


-my small story


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Inspiration from loss of a very special person

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